Do you want to be a PopStar?

Thank you for this sweet job that’s taught me so much about customer service and has truly allowed me to grow into an even more outgoing person... I’ve enjoyed and made some amazing friends!

— Maddy W.

We love our team!

Seriously though, we couldn’t do this without them.

We get to make popcorn, share popcorn and just be stoked about popcorn. Does that sound like something you could be into?

Here’s how to apply:

  1. Update your resume!

  2. Attach it to an email. In the email include the following:

    • Why do you want to work at Miss Hannah’s Gourmet Popcorn? (Answer in complete sentences)

    • Which location you’re interested in working for:

      • Production Kitchen (Newberg, OR)

      • Bridgeport Village Shop (Portland, OR)

    • Amount of hours desired per week

    • Typical weekly availability Mon-Sunday

    • Type of transportation

    • Date your availability begins

    • Projected term if hired (ie: seasonal, school year, one year, no other plans, etc.)

    • Any other fun facts or relevant information

  3. Then, send that email off to

  4. You’ll hear from us soon!