Our little popcorn company started out as a really crazy idea for a family of four, Mike, Linda, Noah, and Hannah in a Salem Center Mall kiosk in 2001.

Since then, and we all look a little different, but our love for popcorn hasn't changed a bit. We're still based in Oregon, but love our annual visits to Arizona to see some of our favorite popcorn lovers.

Our first flavor was Kettle Corn, but we have expanded much over the years, and now serve more than 20 gourmet flavors of popcorn. Our recipes are unique and were created by trial and error, with lots of love and laughs along the way. So if you think you've tried one of them elsewhere, don't be afraid to try ours... we might just surprise you!
From malls, to bazaars, to cross-country road trips, this family has seen it all in hopes of sharing our popcorn with you.

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